What’s the difference between infographics and data visualization?

The explosion of data that has permeated the internet has led to new terms being coined. As bar charts and cheap mlb jerseys pie graphs move aside to Installation make room for their sexier siblings, the terms ‘infographic’ and ‘data visualization’ get thrown around as if they are las completely interchangeable. Newsflash: they’re not.

All under the umbrella of information design, infographics and data visualization DO have commonalities—but their differences are important to note—especially when deciding what type of visualization will help achieve your goals.


An infographic is the subjective interpretation of data and research, usually meant to tell a story, lead the viewer to An a conclusion, and sometimes sway an opinion. Infographics are done by hand. Here [mental health] is an example of an infographic.

Data visualization is the objective presentation of raw data that allows the viewer to draw conclusions, see patterns, and indicate trends. cheap jerseys There may be multiple uses for the data visualization and multiple conclusions. Data visualizations can be done by hand or by any number of programs designed for data input. Here cheap nba jerseys [March Madness] is an example of a data visualization.

It would be so convenient if everything fell neatly into these two buckets. But what happens when you have a set of data that contains objective and subjective material? Or subjective data that doesn’t necessarily have a conclusion? Information that does not tell a Καλημ?ρα story, but presents a specific set of data falls under that first cheap nfl jerseys bucket of information design. Here [Temecula] is a great example.

Why is it so important to get these terms correct? There are a few reasons. Because infographics are subjective, they can omit pieces of information to build a stronger case. Data visualizations by nature show the entire picture with all of wholesale jerseys China the available data.

Here’s a simplified example:


It is important to know and understand the different applications of information design, so you can make an informed decision about what Bifold is right for your business.

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